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Open Source Single Board Computer Rockchip RK3568 Industrial RK3568J SBC 1000M E
  1. RK3568 Golden finger SOM (2GB+8GB)

RK3568 Golden finger SOM (4GB+32GB)

RK3568J Golden finger SOM (2GB+8GB)

RK3568J Golden finger SOM (4GB+32GB)


Product Introduction

The TP series of single board computer are c based on Linux and Android. This series of card computers has rich hardware models, high operating system adaptability, numerous open source teaching materials, and extremely simple application;

The performance of TP series card computers and its rich hardware models cover education, commercial applications, industrial control and other fields, and have a wide range of application scenarios: card computers, Linux servers, home intelligent hubs, and industrial boards;

RK3588 card computer supports Ubuntu, Debian, Android and other systems, and provides multiple sets of teaching materials, covering pure application layer users and system development users. Even embedded novices who are new to the industry can complete development according to our tutorials, and for experienced embedded users Embedded veterans can speed up the secondary development process of products.

Product Features

  1. Use Rockchip RK3568 (commercial grade)/RK3568J (industrial grade) as the main chip, adopt 22nm process technology, the main frequency can reach up to 2.0GHz, integrate quad-core 64-bit Cortex-A55 processor and MaliG522EE graphics processor, support 4K decoding and 1080P encoding, supports dual-frequency differential display, and has a built-in independent NPU, which can be used for lightweight artificial intelligence applications.

  2. A variety of memory and storage combinations are available, with balanced onboard hardware configuration and a wide range of applications. 3

  3. The built-in independent NPU has a computing power of up to 1TOPS (3568J is 512MAC NPU) and can be used for lightweight artificial intelligence applications.

  4. High integration, rich expansion interfaces, with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, HDMIeDP5Mini PCle, SATA, M.2USB3.0USB2.0, MIPI screen interface, MIPI camera interface, audio interface and other peripherals, can give full play to the processor The performance further expands the usage scenarios of the board.

  5. Officially supports mainstream Android 11, Debain, and Ubuntu operating system images, which can be applied to a variety of different application environments.

  6. Completely open source, providing official tutorials, complete SDK driver development package, design schematics and other resources, making it easy to get started without any blind spots.

Product Parameters

  1. Connector: 314Pins MXM connector, model: ASOB821-S55B-7H

  2. Main chip: RK3568/RK3568J (quad-core Cortex-A55, 2GHzMali-G52)

  3. IO: 314 gold fingers, 0.5MM spacing, leading to all I0

  4. Memory: LPDDR4/4X-1/2/4/8GB

  5. Storage: eMMC-8/32/64/128GB

Product Deatails

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