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High-quality face recognition smart electronic lock

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Our smart door locks have the following features

l  3D face accurate recognition financial payment grade face module

This smart Lock Door adopts 3D face accurate recognition financial payment grade face module

The high-resolution infrared ultra-wide-angle lens and infrared fill light work together to achieve accurate capture of the face module that meets financial payment standards.

Scan your face and open it in seconds, so you can go home safely. 3D living body detection, preventing video,photo and head model cracking;

Face misrecognition rate <0.0001%; Ultra-wide-angle lens, the picture is wide, and the characters can be seen fully

l  Infrared fill light for worry-free identification

clear day and night Adaptively calibrated infrared rays capture three-dimensional information about faces regardless of light environment, and can recognize faces day and night.

l  Multi-dimensional fingerprint recognition is faster and safer

Using multi-dimensional fingerprint recognition technology, it combines multi-dimensional information such as fingerprints, skin and conductivity to achieve multi-dimensional fingerprint recognition, which is safer and opens the door faster.

l  Longer battery life


The industry's new line integration technology, ultra-low power consumption and standard carp battery cycle charging, longer battery life When the smart lock is out of power, a mechanical key can be used to open the door, or a power bank can be used to connect to the smart temporary power supply. Single lithium battery life: 6 months Type-c power supply interface


l  Active monitoring and remote unlocking

Mobile APP video call, two-way intercom, photo and video recording during video call


l  24-hour real-time monitoring and active viewing of video intercom at the door

You can turn on your mobile phone to activate the camera anytime and anywhere to conduct video intercom with visitors outside the door and check the situation outside the door.

l  Child safety lock function

After the APP turns on the child lock function, the one-touch unlock button of the rear lock is in a locked state, which can prevent children from accidentally opening the door by playing with the lock. Adults can open the door through the quick-open handle.

l  Multiple unlocking methods

3D face recognition

Fingerprint unlock

Password unlock

Remote unlocking

Key unlock

Swipe card unlock

Period password

Period password

Bluetooth unlocking

Temporary password

l  Time period password

It is safer and more convenient for relatives to visit Encrypted offline passwords, even if there is no Internet at home, you can easily generate and send the aging period password remotely through the APP, send it to the visitor and use the aging period to open the door, and it will automatically expire after the use time.

l  Mobile APP to get door lock dynamics

24-hour remote monitoring allows you to use your mobile phone to check the status of the door at any time and whether the door lock is closed. Abnormal capture & alarm, multiple attempts, lock picking, lingering, alarm if the door is not closed

Product Parameters

l  Main body material: aluminum alloy

l  Face recognition human body height: 1.2 meters-2 meters

l  Password length: 6-8 characters, supports 20-digit dummy password

l  Power supply: 7.4V/lithium battery (4200MAH)

l  Emergency power supply: C5V2ATYPE-C interface

l  Static electricity index: contact discharge +8KV air discharge +16KV

l  Anti-strong magnetic interference: support

l  Door lock adaptation: wooden doors, anti-theft doors, stainless steel doors

l  Working humidity: 20%RH-90%RH

l  Number of keys: 2

l  Maoyan screen specifications: 4.0-inch IPS high-definition screen

l  Product color: obsidian black/starry sky gray

l  Human body sensing distance: 0.5-1 meter

l  Wireless connection: WI-FI @2.4G

l  Voltage standard: DC 7.4V (full voltage 8.4V)

l  Working current: >250MA Strong driving ability

l  Undervoltage alarm threshold: DC (7.4±0.1)V

l  Cycle charging: more than 300 times

l  Working temperature: 25℃~60℃

l  Suitable door thickness: 40~120MM

l  Lock cylinder grade: C-level lock cylinder

l  Cat eye pixels: 300W pixels

l  Number of keys: 2

l  Specifications and dimensions: front panel 440*75MM, rear panel 430*75MM

l  Number of ordinary users: 20 (each user has: face x1; fingerprint x4; password x2 card*1)

l  Number of administrators: 5 (each user has: face x 1; fingerprint x 4; password x 2: card x 1)

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