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Core board based on NXP MIMXRT1052 processor Support Customization

This core board is designed based on NXP MIMXRT1052CVL5B processor, and the whole board components are made of industrial grade materials

The core board hardware resources include 32MB SDRAM, 32MB NOR Flash, 256B EEPROM and 10/100M Ethernet PHY (optional) PCB adopts 6 layers of black immersion gold design, the overall size is 32*32mm, a total of 116 pins, pin spacing 1.0mm, except SEMC bus is not led out, the remaining 10 of the chip are led out


Core board signal interface Parameters

Main chip: MIMXRT1052CVL5B, Cortex-M7 core, main frequency 528MHz

SDRAM: 32MB, BGA package, brand ISS1, industrial grade

FLASH: 32MB, WSON8 package, brand ISS, industrial grade

EEPROM: AT24C02 256B

Ethernet PHY: LAN8720A optional

PCB size: 32*32mm

Power supply: 5V

Shield cover: optional shield cover

GPIO: 116, pin spacing 1.0mm, except for the SEMC bus, the rest of the I0 are all led out

Working temperature: -40~85°C, industrial grade

Core board signal interface

Ethernet: 1 channel, optional, only available when the core board has Ethernet PHY

LCD: 1 channel, only RGB565 when using Ethernet, RGB565/888 can be used when not using Ethernet

USB: 2 channels, with high-speed PHY

SDIO: 2 channels

I²C: 4

SPI: 4


SAI: 3

CSI: 1

ADC: 2 (16 channels each), 12bit

PWM: 4

JTAG: 1 channel

SPDIF: 2 channels

CAN: 2

Note: The above data may be reused, please refer to the core board pin description as a reference design


The shielding cover logo can be customized with a minimum order of 500

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Application Example

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