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RK3588 edge computing box

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Quad-core ARM Cortex-A76 Core processor and quad-core   ARM Cortex-A55 Core processor, both are high-performance, low-power and   cached application processor


3D Graphics Engine
ARM Mali-G610 MP4
High performance OpenGL ES 1.1, 2.0 and 3.2, OpenCL   2.2, Vulkan1.2 etc.
Embedded 4 shader cores with shared hierarchical tiler
Provide MMU and L2 Cache with 4x 256KB size
The latest Valhall architecture
ARM Frame Buffer Compression(AFBC) 1.3
Support Serial Wire debug for embedded MCU
One isolated voltage domain to support DVFS


Neural network acceleration engine with processing   performance up to 6 TOPS
Include triple NPU core, and support triple core   co-work, dual core co-work, and work independently
Support integer 4, integer 8, integer 16, float 16,   Bfloat 16 and tf32 operation
Embedded 384KBx3 internal buffer
Multi-task, multi-scenario in parallel
Support deep learning frameworks: TensorFlow, Caffe,   Tflite, Pytorch, Onnx NN, Android NN, etc.
One isolated voltage domain to support DVFS


Real-time video decoder of MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4,   H.263, H.264, H.265, VC-1, VP9, VP8, MVC, AV1
MMU Embedded
Multi-channel decoder in parallel for less resolution
H.264 AVC/MVC Main10 L6.0 : 8K@30fps (7680x4320)
VP9 Profile0/2 L6.1 : 8K@60fps (7680x4320)
H.265 HEVC/MVC Main10 L6.1 : 8K@60fps (7680x4320)
AVS2 Profile0/2 L10.2.6 : 8K@60fps (7680x4320)
AV1 Main Profile 8/10bit L5.3 : 4K@60fps (3840x2160)
MPEG-2 up to MP: 1080p@60fps (1920x1088)
MPEG-1 up to MP: 1080p@60fps (1920x1088)
VC-1 up to AP level 3: 1080p@60fps (1920x1088)
VP8 version2 : 1080p@60fps (1920x1088)


JPEG Encoder
Baseline (DCT sequential)
Encoder size is from 96x96 to 8192x8192(67Mpixels)
Up to 90 million pixels per second
Embedded four encoder units
JPEG Decoder
Decoder size is from 48x48 to 65536x65536
Support YUV400/YUV411/YUV420/YUV422/YUV440/YUV444
Support up to 1080P@280fps, and 560 million pixels per   second
Support MJPEG
Embedded four encoder units


Support   multi-display
* Support HDMI   2.1, DP(display port), Type-C video output, and also HDMI input


HDMI2.1 and DP   video output, HDMI input, dual G-LAN, Mipi, GPIO, RS232, RS485, PCIE,   SATA 01, SATA 02, USB 3.0, USB2.0, debug, Type-C

Operating system

Android   12, Linux Ubuntu 18.04, Debian 11



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