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IP Camera Linux AI Camera Board IPC 38 500w All IN ONE development board
IPC 38 board movement specifications
Rockchip RV1106 Quad-core A7,14nm,1.5GHz
 Built-in 1Gb to 2Gb DDR3L
2Gb NAND Flash,support NOR Flash
 0.5TOPS, supports RKNN AI framework, and can implement common AI framework model transformation (caffe, darknet, mxnet,
onnx, pytorch, tensorflow, tflite) and algorithm support
 5 million SC530AI monocular Sensor
4 Lane MIPI CSI supports 5 million @25fps and supports access to a maximum of 3 sensors
SDIO WIFI,IEEE 802.11b/g/n
USB 4G module, support CAT4, CAT1 and other mainstream brand modules
Ethernet port
Adaptive 10/100Mbps 100 megabits, supporting MDIX functions
OTG2.0 X1
Simulate omnidirectional MIC
Independent external Audio Coder, pickup and Speak, with 3W power amplifier, Line out is not supported
Optional (ISP induction night function)
 Expandable LED fill light board supports white light /IR infrared fill light
The third generation of the ISP, 5 (2 f HDR / 3 NDR/WDR/BLC/DPCC/PDAF/LSC
H.264/265 5M30FPS,5M@60FPS JPEG snapshot,Six bit rate control modes (CBR, VBR, FIXQP, AVBR, QPMAP, and CVBR)
System support
Linux (Support fast startup, first frame valid frame out time < 150ms)
Operating temperature
 Support platform

Core board-RV1126
The main control chip RV1106 used in the RV1106 IPC 38 board module development board has six core technology advantages.
a) Built-in self - developed 4th generation NPU, up to 0.5TOPs computing power.
b) Built-in self - developed 3rd generation ISP3.2, support a variety of image processing technology
c) Strong coding ability, high frame rate, low bit rate, small space occupied
d)  Smart audio for clearer sound recording
e) Fast start and instantaneous response, high performance and low power consumption

f) High integration density

                         Power-efficient Precessor

RV1126 uses Arm Cortec-A7 as CPU, which is power-efficient processor with excellent power performance.

The power dissipation is decreased and power efficiency is increased.

4th Generation of Microchip Self-developed NPU
RV1106 is built in the fourth generation of microchip self-developed NPU, which has high calculation accuracy and supports mixed quantization of int4, in8 and int16. int8's calculation power is 0.5TOPs and int4's calculation power is 1.0TOPs.
RV1106 supports RKNN AI framework, and can implement common AI framework model transformation (Caffe, darknet, mxnet,

onyx, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Tflite) and support algorithm

RV1106 Adopt the 3rd Generation ISP3.2 
RV1106 adopts the 3rd generation ISP3.2 developed by Rockchip, support 5 million pixels, supports a variety of image enhancement and correction algorithms such as HDR, WDR and multilevel noise reduction.
In all kinds of complex light scenes, RV1106 can achieve black light full color, backlight strong light shooting picture effects
clearly visible. RV1106 can support 2-3 channels of MIPI/DVP input, which is the optimal solution for economic binocular vision


Strong Video Coding Ability
In terms of video coding, RV1106 has strong coding performance, supporting intelligent coding and providing HD shooting images.
According to the scene adaptive save code stream, RV1106 saves more than 50% of the conventional CBR mode code rate to double the storage space with a small size. It also supports rich coding functions, such as frame hopping reference, custom quantization

matrix, subjective factors, etc., to further improve coding quality.

Support Intelligent Audio Solution
In terms of audio processing, Rockchip-micro RV1106 adopts intelligent audio solution, supports echo cancellation, voice
noise reduction, cry detection, abnormal sound detection, support high-definition voice, enhance voice acquisition, and remote

High Integration Density

RV1106 has built-in Audio codec, MAC PHY, RTC, etc., providing QFN encapsulation of built-in DDR and BGA encapsulation without built-in DDR.

Fast Start Instantaneous Response
Support fast start and instantaneous response, high performance and low power consumption.
RV1106 and RV1103 built-in RISC-V MCU design, support low power fast start, support 250ms fast capture, and simultaneously load AI model library, can achieve "within 1 second" to complete face recognition.

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