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Equipped with RK3588 ,smart large-screen release, to accelerate the digital tran
2023-04-03 848

With the acceleration of China's education modernization, education digitization has become a key factor to build a modern education system. Recently, the RC series of full-size interactive intelligent large-screen tablets based on Rockchip Micro RK3588 flagship core has been released, with the size cover 55 "to 98" to meet the different requirements of different scenarios, aiming to provide teachers and students with intelligent teaching, management and other all-round services and so as to create an efficient and interactive intelligent classroom environment.

Distinguished from the traditional large screen only used for teaching demonstration, the RC series equipped with RK3588 integrates high-definition display, interactive electronic whiteboard, computer, TV, speaker and other functions in one. With man-machine interaction, intelligent recognition, learning data analysis and other functions, the RC series equipped with RK3588 can realize the functions of content digitization and learning situation data.


RK3588 is the new generation flagship chip with 8nm manufacturing technique of Rockchip.  It’s stronger CPU computing power supports at least 2 channels of 4K UI, and can run complex graphics processing and games smoothly by adopting 8-core CPU (4-core Cortex-A76 + 4-core Cortex-A55).

The NPU of RK3588 with built-in 6T computing power is suitable for various AI scenarios by providing various possibilities for local offline AI computing in complex scenarios, complex video stream analysis and other applications. With numerous interfaces, such as Type-c, SATA3.0, PCIE3.0 interfaces, and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, RK3588 meets the edge computing needs of most terminal devices. RC series intelligent large screen has been greatly improved compared with the previous generation in hardware performance, picture display, decoding ability, scalability and other aspects



       At the same time, based on the core performance of RK3588, product design is carried out according to the pain points of educational scenes.

The RC series intelligent large screen can support DC dimming, intelligent eye protection, and automatically adjust the brightness of the screen when sensing the current brightness of the environment; Support multi-touch, multi-person writing, handwriting with low delay but more fluent, to meet the needs of teacher-student interaction in class; Support a variety of ways of wireless screen projection, connect to quickly multi-end screen projection, presentation courseware, the minimum time delay measured only 80ms, to effectively improve the classroom efficiency.


      With the promotion of education informatization related policies, the integration requirements of technology and education are further deepened. Rockchip Micro, will continue to carry out high-performance technology enabling, and jointly create efficient application of intelligent education scene with other companies to boost the digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of education industry.


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