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Rockchip: RK3588, as one of the few best chips in the domestic market, can rival
2023-04-03 967

Recently, Rockchip company stated in an agency survey that RK3588 , the company's flagship product, is one the few best smart cockpit chip in the domestic country that can rival the first well-known international brand chips.

RK3588 can support the seven-screen display of the smart cockpit and enable to direct access to multiple cameras. Besides, with intelligent processing capabilities, RK3588 can realize multi-functions such as driver/passenger monitoring.


Due to its excellent performance and the appropriate chip definition, RK3588 has won the cooperation of top customers in various sub industries and customers in many other industries in the eight set application directions, namely, large screen devices, cloud service devices and edge computing, high-end cameras, NVR, intelligent car cabins, tablets, ARMPC and AR/VR. Continuously, RK3588 will be used to expand more and more product application scenarios.

This year, the marketing group of RK3588 will continue along the above application direction and to explore new potential industry applications, such as broadcasting machine products, SBC, etc.

Rockchip company also expressed that the RK3588 is the industry's leading high-end AIoT chip platform for high-performance, multi-scenario application. But is known that AIoT is characterized by scene and fragmentation. And RK3588 has solved this issue better than other products.  RK3588 has a relatively balanced performance and meets customer needs in eight application directions. It can provide complete solutions for customers in many industries without limited traction due to market fragmentation. So RK3588, as a universal platform-type chips can better meet the diverse needs of AIoT, especially in high-end applications


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