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Rockchip releases AI ISP/intelligent coding/multi-eye splicing machine vision te
2023-08-21 494

Three new visual technologies to comprehensively improve image quality and coding efficiency

Multi-camera stitching solution, based on RK3588, RV1126 and RV1106, can meet different product requirements. RK3588 multi-eye splicing solution, with dual 24M ISP processing capability, built-in Rockchip self-developed ISP3.0, upgraded HDR synthesis and multi-level noise reduction algorithm, can realize the detailed performance requirements of high dynamic scenes and night vision effects in starlight scenes Requirements; support 2~6 meshes of Sensor input, enabling panorama stitching; support 8K@30fps H264/265 encoding output, high-definition and smooth video shooting; built-in multi-core NPU, providing up to 6TOPS computing power, meeting the video structure requirements of high-end IPC complex scenes. The RV1126 and RV1106 binocular stitching solutions support horizontal FOV 170-degree stitching, and the resolution supports 4M25 frames and 2M15 frames respectively. Among them, the RV1106 binocular splicing solution is the preferred solution with high-cost performance in the market.


Stitching   performance


4 mesh 8M30   frames

8 mesh 4M30   frame


Binocular 4M25   frame


Binocular 2M15   frame


The RV1126/RV1109 AI ISP solution has two built-in core algorithms, low-light noise reduction and intelligent enhancement. Low-light noise reduction is based on artificial intelligence algorithms, and deep learning is performed on the picture noise data of videos and pictures; intelligent enhancement makes details clearer through super-perception of details, and adaptive texture enhancement. Based on the characteristics of the two types of algorithms, the RV1126/RV1109 IPC solution can make the product show obvious advantages in various complex light environments, such as low-light and low-light environments, still showing no smear, low noise, and clearer pictures.


RV1106 intelligent coding scheme, with super coding performance, aims to provide customers with a feasible solution with an extremely low bit rate. It has three advantages. First, the output bit rate fluctuates dynamically according to the complexity of the scene and the proportion of ROI, which can improve the image quality of ROI and keep the image quality of non-ROI unchanged. The bit rate is greatly reduced to save transmission bandwidth; second, the image quality is guaranteed to be Subjectively lossless while reducing the bit rate. After outdoor GOP comparison and actual measurement, under the premise of the same bit rate in the same scene, the RV1106/RV1103 solution has better picture quality than other solutions in the market, and the effect of motion smear convergence is better; third, static In the scene, the bit rate is adaptively saved. Under the test condition of 1440P 15fps, the bit rate is more than 20 times lower than that of the conventional mode. The shooting picture is high-definition, and the video volume is smaller, which can save storage and ensure smooth video playback in a weak network environment.瑞芯微电子

The machine vision series solutions of Rockchip land in various industries

For industrial vision applications, products adopting Rockchip RK356X and RV1126 chips mainly include smart code readers, industrial inspection cameras and 3D printing equipment. Industrial camera products, based on Rockchip's self-developed ISP and NPU performance, can easily solve barcode damage, blurred printing, low contrast, and extremely small Barcodes and other code reading problems, accurate and reliable acquisition of barcode information.


 The 3D printing equipment equipped with RV1126 can support real-time AI automation of key steps in the printing process (full-automatic dual-redundant leveling, AI first-layer scanning, fried noodle detection), built-in laser radar for millimeter-level measurement, printing speed 500mm/s, Provide users with an unprecedented smart printing experience.


For front-end and front-end vision applications,

the IPC, battery IPC, smart doorbell, smart camera and other products using Rockchip's new generation machine vision solution RV1106 and RV1103 have been maturely applied in home, community, urban traffic management and other scenarios. The product form covers binocular gun-ball linkage all-in-one machine, carrier pan-tilt machine, gun machine, etc.



The NVR solution based on RK3588 has been put into commercial use in mainstream terminal brands in the market. It can support 32-channel 1080P30 H.264/H.265 video decoding, 24-channel perimeter detection and 32-channel intelligent dynamic detection; with RockIVA algorithm suite, it supports turnkey face Recognition, perimeter detection, intelligent motion detection (people and vehicles) models.

Entrance and exit control applications, terminal applications equipped with intelligent access control gate solutions RV1126 and RV1109, mainly in the form of face recognition access control time attendance machines, video doorbells, and all-in-one witness verification machines. The solution has a built-in high-computing NPU, which can realize faster and more accurate face recognition, mask detection, and passenger flow statistics. It supports live detection with an accuracy rate of up to 98.48%. It can effectively distinguish high-definition photos, PS, 3D models, electronic screens, face-changing and other fake and fraudulent activities to ensure the safety of the office.

AI + machine vision technology empowers the scene and has become the only way to upgrade intelligently in all walks of life. Rockchip will continue to work hard on the new track of machine vision, and continue to provide high-performance, high-stability AIoT chip technology and perfect software and hardware technical support for safe cities, smart communities, smart transportation, smart office education and other fields.



[1]瑞芯微发布AI ISP/智能编码/多目拼接机器视觉技术,推动各行业数智化升级https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/_-glYOkkBiEWWuJdUxyRAQ,  2023-06-15 17:30/2023-8-21.


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