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RK3566 Datasheet
2023-09-15 392

Rockchip RK3566 chip is a general-purpose SoC designed for consumer industry applications. The CPU uses a 4-core A55 architecture processor, integrated G52 graphics processor, built-in independent NPU, and runs Android 11 and Linux systems. RK3566 is mainly customized for consumer products such as tablets, screen speakers, Android laptops, and dictionary pens, as well as facial payment POS machines, e-books, cloud terminals, video phones, NAS storage and other industry products.

RK3566 has very powerful video decoding capabilities. Supports high-definition decoding of multiple formats such as 4K H.264/H.265/VP9, and supports simultaneous decoding of multiple video sources, such as 8~10 channels of 1080P30 H264/H265. RK3566 supports HDR10, with excellent color and dynamic range performance. It supports image post-processing, deinterlacing, denoising, color enhancement, and super-resolution. RK3566 uses a new independent JPEG decoding processor to efficiently process multiple small image parsing concurrently, supports 1080p 60fps H.264 and H.265 format encoding, and supports dynamic code rate, frame rate, resolution adjustment, and other functions.


RK3566 has a built-in high-performance ISP, which can provide 8M@30fps processing capability and can be time-divided and multiplexed to meet the needs of dual cameras. Supports HDR function, making images clear even under backlight or strong light conditions. It supports a dual-channel simultaneous zoom output function and noise elimination function, making images even under low-light conditions delicate. RK3566 supports the defogging function, allowing you to see clearly even on hazy days. It supports horizontal correction of LDCH and removes the distortion caused by the Sensor lens. RK3566 supports up to 2 channels of CSI (2Lane) + 1 channel of DVP interface camera input at the same time.


RK3566 has a built-in Rockchip self-developed NPU with a computing power of 0.8Tops, 512 INT8 MAC 128 INT16/FP16/BFP16 MAC Up to 800MHz. Rockchip also provides developers with a simple and easy-to-use model conversion tool RKNN-Toolkit, which supports one-click conversion of Caffe / TensorFlow / TF-Lite / ONNX / PyTorch / Keras / Darknet mainstream architecture models.


RK3566 has rich interface expansion capabilities. Supports a variety of peripheral high-speed interfaces, supports PCIE2.1 1x1Lane, meets 4G/5G, WIFI6, NPU, and other expansion needs, supports up to 4 USB ports, 1xUSB3.0/USB2.0 HOST + 2xUSB2.0 HOST + 1xUSB2.0 OTG. Supports a Gigabit Ethernet port, multi-camera support, supports MIPI CSI 4Lanes, which can be split into two groups of 2x2Lanes for independent use, supports 16bit DVP interface, supports BT1120 input, and supports VC mode. RK3566 has a complete display interface, supports HDMI 2.0 output, supports dual-channel MIPI DSI, can drive a 2.5K LCD screen, supports Eink, can directly drive ink screen, and supports eDp. RK3566 has ample peripheral interfaces, supporting 10x UART, 6x I2C, 16x PWM, 4x SPI, and 4xADC.

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