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As a supplier of ARM platform development board technology solution, Shenzhen Thinkcore Technology Co., Ltd, also a specialized Manufacturers, dedicated to development, production and value-added service of software and hardware in embedded area when it was founded. With rich experience in development board industry, technical strength, good internal management practices, professional engineers, global souring, procurement network, Thinkcore provides professional, excellent, fast pre-sales, after-sales service and technical support. Many mainland customers in China have been good partners with us. Customers can reply us on technology and the complete whole application solution. It can save a lot of time and cost when entering a new market to seize the business opportunity. 

Based on 32-bit and 64-bit ARM processor which are widely used in embedded industry, Thinkcore streamlined circuit design, control hardware cost strictly and combine operating systems like Android, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian to release excellent solutions for factories and R & D institutions. 

Focused on Rockchip embedded ARM development platform, with processors such as RK3399, PX30, RK3288, RK1808, RV1109/RV1126, RK3568, RK3566, RK3588etc., clients can customize professional solutions, including hardware platform design(Schematic and PCB design and BOM), operating system customization, driver and application software development etc.. Customized development boards are widely used in industry, finance, airport, customs, police, hospital, home smart, education, consumer electronics etc.. 

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AI transportation

Intelligent medicine

Intelligent Industry

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We can provide one-stop customized service,also provide excellent products and sales platform,we welcome dealers to join us.
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